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Membership Payment

Hurry up!

Last day for registration is 07-Dec-2023

Select the membership type to purchase
  • Individual membership:  Members can attend all the events conducted by HYDSPIN until next Annual Conference. 

  • Corporate membership: 7 members can attend all the events conducted by HYDSPIN until next Annual Conference.

Please Transfer the amount showed above (based on your ticket purchase) to the following bank account:


Name: Software Process Improvement Network Assn

A/C Number: 0042-1000-1145-73 (without hyphens)

Account Type: Savings Account.

Bank and Branch: HDFC Bank, Secunderabad Branch

IFSC Code: HDFC0000042


Pay via UPI App like Google Pay to transfer to the above account !

Just follow the steps given below:

  1. Open your UPI App (For example, Google Pay)

  2. Select option "Bank Transfer"

  3. Enter Bank Account number = "0042-1000-1145-73" without hyphens.

  4. Re-enter Bank account number = "0042-1000-1145-73" without hyphens.

  5. Enter IFSC code = "HDFC0000042".

  6. Enter Bank account holder's name as "Software Process Improvement Network Assn"

  7. Click Confirm.

  8. Enter the amount in the Google Pay field (Make sure that amount is equal to "Amount to pay" above, based on your membership).

  9. Enter your mobile number in "Add a note" field in Google Pay.

  10. Click "Pay" and enter your UPI password to complete the payment.

  11. Note down the UPI transaction ID for confirmation.

Other UPI Apps like PhonePay and PayTM provide similar service, kindly explore yourself.


Note that, tickets are valid only upon confirmation of payment by HYDSPIN Team. Make sure, you write correct Transaction ID

If you have any questions, issues, contact any one of the following:

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