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HYDERABAD Software Process Improvement Network, (in short known as Hyderabad SPIN or HYDSPIN) is a forum of software professionals from various organizations for open exchange of experiences and ideas (educational, scientific or practical) to bring about Process Improvements in their organizations. HYDSPIN was founded in November 1995. Our Mission is to provide a forum for the open exchange of experiences and ideas among software professionals​. It is a pure non-profit forum. The core team, organizing body and other participants involve in this forum only on interest basis (without any financial aid) to improve knowledge and keep their professional network active.

HYDSPIN is a part of the World wide SPIN. Details of HYDSPIN are published in SEI-Carnegie Mellon website at You can visit HYDSPIN Website at ; According to SEI, joining a SPIN recognizes one’s commitment and loyalty to improving the state of software and systems engineering, as well as placing one in contact with a network of expertise within their community. It is a practical forum for the interchange of ideas, information, and mutual support.

HYDSPIN has been one of the very active SPINs out of all SPINs across the globe for the last 15 years (since 1995). HYDSPIN has various Special Interest Groups (SIGs) for important topics like estimation, project management etc. to make our activities even more effective and long lasting. Few of HYDSPIN activities include:

  • Metrics Benchmarking

  • Process Benchmarking

  • SEPG Conferences

  • Knowledge Sharing Sessions

  • Best Practice Sharing

  • Quality Workshops

  • Trainings for certifications e.g. CSQA, CSTE

  • Six Sigma Trainings

  • Annual Conferences

  • Paper Presentations

Our Partners


HYDSPIN is a professional body that influences sharing, learning and collaboration among IT professionals and organizations to innovate and internalize delivery and operational best practices for business excellence


HYDSPIN will enable Information Technology professional’s value by:

  • Creating an environment and Opportunities to develop knowledge, skills, professionalism and application of software engineering practices.

  • Fostering and enabling corporate, community and educational networking opportunities through Inspiring culture of Collaboration, Learning, Sharing and Innovation.

  • Partnering with Industry, academia and government to nurture industry best practices and standards.

  • Collaboration platform for professionals, organization and industry in IT practices.

Corporate Members



President HYDSPIN

Gandhi Bhamidipati

email: president at & gandhibs at

Flat No 201, Himasiva Apartments

Adj to BATA, Shivam Main Road,

Hyderabad 500013, Telangana, India.

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